Proverbs 31:28-29 NIV
        Her children rise up and bless her;
        Her husband also, and he praises her, saying: 
         "Many daughters have done nobly,
        But you excel them all." 


That God would give you the opportunity soon to thank your mother 

for the good things she has done in your life.
The crowing glory of the woman in Proverbs 31 is that her children and husband  praise her. I think one thing we're not emphasizing today is praising moms for being the keeper of our greatest national treasure- our children.

I think Debbie Haley really sums up what a mom is all about . Here is a portion of Debbie's tribute to her mother Jane:
Mom was born in a small town in Kentucky. She was married in the middle of her senior year in high school. Two year after I was born, Mom didn't  go to college and pursue a glamorous career. She did something much greater. She raised four children who  now rise up and call her blessed.

Mom showed me what is was to have a Faith in God. Mom showed me what generosity and sacrificial giving were all about . She taught me about being homes. She taught me about manners. Mom showed me what is was to love your husband. She has now loved him in marriage .

Thank you , Mom I love you.

These are words more mothers need to hear from their children.

For what qualities can you praise your mother?